Certifications & Awards

Over the years, Fourway Engineering Pte Ltd has been awarded many certifications which differentiated us from other competitors in the electrical switchboard manufacturing industry. These awards and certifications are testaments to the quality and assurance of our company’s products and services. They affirm of Fourway’s commitment to provide goods and services of the highest quality for our customers.


Fourway Engineering Pte Ltd’s switchboards have been tested to the latest IEC standards. The ASTA verification test certificates ensure that Fourway’s switchboards are compliant with mandatory technical and safety requirements. ASTA certificates carry global recognition and are issued only after rigorous and stringent testing and evaluation by a recognized independent testing laboratory.

bizSAFE Certification

Fourway Engineering Pte Ltd has awarded the bizSAFE Level 3 certification by the Workplace Safety and Health (WSH) Council in year 2011.

The bizSAFE certification serves as a representation that our company complies with the requirements in the workplace Safety & Health Act (WHSA) and its subsidiary legislation.

ISO Certification

Fourway Engineering Pte Ltd is an ISO-certified company. We have attained the ISO 9001:2015 certification which prescribes a set of stringent requirements for a quality management system. The ISO standard, which is based on 8 quality management principles set by an international committee, testifies that Fourway’s production processes are efficient and constantly striving for improved performance.

We have also attained the ISO 14001:2015 certification which is based on the international standards covering the environmental impact and greenhouse gas emission.The ISO standard also lead us to setting up an effective environmental management system. ISO14001:2015 can also provide assurance to Fourway’s Management and Employees as well as external stakeholders that the environmental impact is being measured and improved.

Singapore Green Building Product (SGBP) Certification

Fourway Engineering Pte Ltd is committed to environmentally-friendly practices and we are recognized for our belief in environmental conservation and preservation. We constantly seek to incorporate “green” processes and components in our product and services offerings.